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The press talks about the Youpi:
“The legitimate fruit of poetry and chance.” Chasse Marée .


“A dream on the water.” MRB.

"Very stable and very swift sailboat" . RC Marine


"Owl !"   Sailing & Sailboats


"Graceful on the water" .

Dutchwork magazine (New Zeland)

Voilier radiocommandé Youpi

The Youpi is a radio-controlled sailboat handcrafted in France. Created by Dominique Tourte in the mid-90s, she became a production boat a bit by chance ... And a bit by magic. The Youpi's shell measures 96 cm. It is available as a kit or even ready to sail. In both cases, it is produced in Argenteuil and sent by post, unless you prefer to pick it up at the workshop of course. In just a few years, the Youpi has become a benchmark for quality radio-controlled sailboats. It is probably the only model that has been the subject of an article in voile & voiliers or in the prestigious Chasse Marée magazine. And for good reason ! Made in France, designed "in house" and available as a kit or helm in hand, the Youpi radio-controlled sailboat has been around the world. They are found in France of course, but also in Poland, Switzerland, Belgium, Czech Republic. It is also present in Canada, from one end of the USA to the other and ... Even in China! You will find on this site information on its design, its manufacture, and some photos of the different models which are already sailing (there are more than 400!). If you are the proud owner of a Youpi, do not hesitate to send us pictures!


Are you new to model shipbuilding and want to know if the Youpi is a good base to start? You already have a lot of miles under the keel and you want to build a boat that will remain your "masterpiece" and especially that your wife will accept on the family fireplace? Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your project.


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