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Pine, mahogany ...
Our boats are not "like the real ones",
they ARE real!

PARIS - BRUSSELS - MONTREAL - LOS ANGELES - CHICAGO - LISBON - GENEVA - SHANGAï are some of the places where you can meet Youpi. Their reputation for elegance and exclusivity largely comes from the decks built entirely in the best woods, which makes each boat unique. The real strength of Youpi is also the passion of those who make them sail and share this beautiful dream every day!

Hull and radio system:
ancient forms, today's technology.
The hulls are made of fiberglass on a single mold which has already seen the birth of more than 300 boats. The sails and the rudder are operated independently by a 2-way radio control which allows you to navigate with the boat in the same way as a "full-size" sailboat. All the radio elements are powered by a block of 4 AA batteries.

(thanks to Gégé, famous Swiss Youpiste, for his video :-))

Navigation: the pleasure of playing with air and water!
There is no engine on our boats. The wind is enough to make them move forward and in a few minutes even a beginner manages to maneuver them. The rudder responds directly to the coxswain's orders and provides the captain with inimitable sensations.
The makers of Youpi can customize the deck to infinity, here a "flush deck".
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Do you have a Youpi? Do not hesitate to send us the photos so that it appears on this site :-) Thank you and good luck!

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