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yacht builder
Marc sur des machines pas électroniques du tout. 
model yacht builder
Marc réalise les plaques numérotées au pantographe (vintage !)
yacht builder hull fiberglass

Each Youpi boat is made individually, by hand, in France.


We produce most of our parts in our workshops in Argenteuil or Lille. Some items are ordered from other specialists. Far from mass production, our boats are made to order, which explains the waiting times. This particularity makes it possible to take advantage of extremely extensive customization on ready-to-sail models.


Quality artisanal production is the very essence of our approach. This is why we call on French craftsmen for certain parts of the boat which require particular know-how: making sails, specific supplies ...


Each Youpi is numbered.


Currently, more than 400 Youpi are sailing or are in the process of being manufactured. A beautiful collection, when we know that each boat is unique. It carries within it the requirement of its author and the know-how of those who leaned over its cradle.


Proof of its unique character, each Youpi carries an engraved plaque with its serial number. It is a guarantee of authenticity at the same time as the assurance of dealing with a real Youpi, often imitated and never equaled.

workshop of yacht model builder
Le chantier super bien rangé !

For the love of things well done.

If Youpi are accessible, it is above all through the commitment of those who build them. We believe the best advertising is word of mouth, and our reputation is arguably what we're most proud of. It is obvious that we will never be rich. It is unlikely that one day we will see "Youpi factories" rise and the pretty dream will undoubtedly always be a small boat, built in a small workshop, by modest craftsmen but happy and proud of what they are doing. create.
Dominique Tourte creator of Youpi

Dominique, designer of Youpi

and founder of the site.

Marc buid manager

Marc, fabricant des kits.

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